Where Can I Buy Good Durians?

Are durians good for you?

Durian fruit is incredibly high in healthy nutrients, including B vitamins, vitamin C, minerals, plant compounds, healthy fats, and fiber.

However, the smell and taste may not be for everyone..

Do you have to refrigerate durian?

Store leftover durian in the freezer, not fridge. Durian season inevitably means that, even if you don’t like durians, you’ll still smell them everywhere – including your fridge. … Freezing will keep them longer than refrigerating, and also prevents the smell from contaminating other food in the fridge.

What month is durian season?

Generally the main durian flowering season is from January to March. Sometimes there may be a short dry spell about June which may or may not give a second flowering season in July or August according to its intensity and locality. The main durian fruiting season is usually centered around June-July.

Are durians coming back?

Typically, durian season occurs between the months of June and September, although there is a “minor season” during the months of December to February. … According to durian lovers, even though you can buy durians from sellers all year round, it is only during these months where they truly taste the best.

What time does durian drop?

Durians usually harvest during July to August as well as October to November. During it harvesting season, durians tend to ripe and drop more at night. This is because the temperature is high at noon time, hence when night time arrives, the sudden temperature change will increase the chances of durians dropping.

How much does a durian cost?

With an average weight of about 1.5 kg (3 lb 5 oz), a durian fruit would therefore cost about S$12 to S$22 (US$8 to US$15). The edible portion of the fruit, known as the aril and usually referred to as the “flesh” or “pulp”, only accounts for about 15–30% of the mass of the entire fruit.

Where should I eat durian?

9 Late-Night Durian Shops in Singapore to Help Satisfy your Cravings 24/7Ah Di Dempsey Durian – Located in Dempsey Road’s carpark. … Ah Hung D24 Sultan Durian – Open 24/7 in Geylang. … Combat Durian – Been in the industry for more than half a century. … Dr Durian – Ang Mo Kio durian shop opens till 2:30am daily.More items…

How do I see MSW durian?

How To Spot Real Mao Shan Wang DuriansLook for a distinctive star-shaped mark at the bottom of its husk. “The star mark (see above) is not exclusive to only Mao Shan Wang durians, but on a real MSW you can see it very clearly — most of the time. … Its flesh should be a bright golden-yellow. … If the flavour ain’t intense, don’t part with your dollars.Aug 18, 2017

Where can I buy durians?

We’ve collated a list of 15 durian delivery services in Singapore so all you durian lovers can enjoy your durians without any fuss!99 Old Trees Durian. … GrabDurian. … Durian Delivery. … Shopee. … Jojo Durian. … Durian Papi. … The Durian Story. … 128 Durian.More items…•Jul 10, 2020

Where can I buy good durian in Singapore?

11 Honest Durian Stores In Singapore To Buy From So You Won’t Be Spikeful99 Old Trees (99老树) Credit – 99 Old Trees. … Combat Durian. … Sindy Durian 阿玲山芭榴莲摊 … Wan Li Xiang 万里香 … Leong Tee Fruit Trader (龙池) … 818 Durian & Pastries. … 227 Katong Durian. … Kong Lee Hup Kee Trading 公利合记货易公司More items…•Dec 11, 2018

Why is my durian bitter?

The XO durian is bitter with its famed alcohol taste – cultivated through an extended period of fermentation inside its shell. Its fruit is usually smaller and the husk is identified by its thin and brownish-green colour. Another point to look out for is its watery thick flesh.

How heavy is a Mao Shan Wang durian?

At the commodity level, Mao Shan Wang and D24s are graded by shape and size. Grade A MSW are round in shape, and usually weigh at least 1.6kg. Dishonest sellers will usually mix in a percentage of Grade B MSW together with the Grade A MSW to squeeze out some extra profits.

How do I buy good durian?

Smell. The rounded base of the durian where the husk is thickest, so you’ll not be able to smell much. Instead, sniff around the “seams” of the durian, where the spikes run parallel. If there is no fragrance, or if the fragrance is very faint, the durian isn’t ripe.

How do I choose a Musang King?

When looking for Mao Shan Wang, look for all the five features altogether in a single durian. Other durians may have one or two of these features but not all five together. When we picked the right Mao Shan Wang, the thick flesh is rich almost bright royal yellow in colour (hence the name Rajah Kunyit).

How much durian do you need per person?

800g of durians comes from roughly 3.2kg of durian with husk. 400g pack is enough for 1 person, 800g for 2.

Can 1 year old eat durian?

It is okay to let your child taste durian at this age. But he or she should be restricted in the amount of consumption due to durian’s high sugar content. Durian is packed with vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, calcium, iron, zinc and other antioxidants that can benefit the general health of the child.

Which durian mooncake is the best in Singapore?

The Best Durian Mooncakes in Singapore 2020Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore – Gold Dusted Durian Mooncakes with Charcoal Snowskin.Jiang-Nan Chun (Four Seasons Singapore) – Michelin Star Durian Mooncakes.Yàn – Snowskin Mao Shan Wang Durian Mooncakes.Intercontinental Hotel – Durian Mooncakes with a Peranakan Twist.More items…•Sep 11, 2020

Which durian is the best?

10 Best Types of Durians in Singapore [2021]Mao Shan Wang.Black Thorn Durian.D24 Durian.Hong Xia/Red Prawn Durian.D13 Durian.XO Durian.Jin Feng/Golden Phoenix Durian.D101 Durian.More items…