Quick Answer: Which Is The Longest River Of South India?

Which is the smallest river in south India?

Ponnaiyar RiverSouth Pennar Thenpennai PonnaiyarKrishnagiri Dam across the riverMap of the South Pennar river flowing through Karnataka and Tamil NaduLocationCountryIndia17 more rows.

Which is the third largest river in south India?

Kaveri CauveryIt is the third largest river – after Godavari and Krishna – in South India and the largest in the State of Tamil Nadu, which, on its course, bisects the state into North and South….Kaveri.Kaveri CauveryRegionSouth IndiaOriginKodagu, KarnatakaPhysical characteristicsSourceTalakaveri, Kodagu, Western Ghats, Karnataka29 more rows

Which is the deepest river in India?

Brahmaputra riverThe Brahmaputra river is considered to be the deepest river in India and the depth of the river is 380 feet deep.

Who is South Ganga?

Godavari river is known as Dakshin Ganga or the Ganga of South. The source of the Godavari is northeast of Bombay (Mumbai in the local Marathi language) in the state of Maharashtra, and the river follows a southeasterly course for 1,400 kilometers to its mouth on the Andhra Pradesh coast.

Which is the second largest river in south India?

GodavariThe Godavari is India’s second longest river after the Ganga. Its source is in Triambakeshwar, Maharashtra.

Which city is called City of Rivers?

BangaloreImportant cities with the RiversCityStateRiverBangaloreKarnatakaVrishabhavathiCuttackOrissaMahanadiChennaiTamil NaduCooum, AdyarCoimbatoreTamil NaduNoyyal35 more rows

Which is the largest river in the world?

WORLDNile: 4,132 miles.Amazon: 4,000 miles.Yangtze: 3,915 miles.

Which is the longest river in India?

Sl. No.RiverLength (km)1.Indus2,9002.Brahmaputra2,9003.Ganga2,5104.Godavari1,4504 more rows

Which river is called Ganga of South India?

the Kaveri RiverBefore emptying into the Bay of Bengal south of Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, the river breaks into a large number of distributaries forming a wide delta called the “garden of southern India.” Known to devout Hindus as Daksina Ganga (“Ganges of the South”), the Kaveri River is celebrated for its scenery and sanctity in Tamil …

Which state of India has no river?

List of Rivers of IndiaSr. No.StateTotal Number of River4Gujarat105Jharkhand086Karnataka147Kerala2012 more rows

Which river is known as old Ganga?

river GodavariThe river Godavari is often referred to as Vridha Ganga because of its large size and extent among the peninsular rivers.

Which river is known as Uttar Ganga?

Gandak RiverGandak River, also called Narayani River, river in central Nepal and northern India. It is formed by the union of the Kali and Trisuli rivers, which rise in the Great Himalaya Range in Nepal; from this junction to the Indian border the river is called the Narayani.