Quick Answer: What Is The Sweetest Durian?

How do you know when Durian is spoiled?

If the durian fruit smells sour or has a sour taste, it’s most likely gone bad.

You should look for a mixture between rotten eggs and vinegar.

Another sign is when the skin is cracked and the flesh is too soft and watery, that is a durian that is definitely rotting..

How many types of durian are there?

30The Durian is the fruit of several tree species belonging to the genus Durio. There are 30 recognized Durio species, at least nine of which produce edible fruit. There are over 100 named varieties in Indonesia, 300 in Thailand and 100 in Malaysia.

What animal eats durian?

Because the seeds are so big the durian tree depends on large animals like elephants and rhinoceros to eat and disperse the seeds. The seeds are tough enough not to be damaged by chewing or digestive juices. Other animals, like monkeys, gibbons, fruit doves, tapirs, orangutans and man enjoy the fruit of the durian.

Are durians sweet?

Durian is a strange combination of savory, sweet, and creamy all at once. A durian is supposed to have subtle hints of chives mixed with powdered sugar. It’s supposed to taste like diced garlic and caramel poured into whipped cream.

How is Musang King different from durian?

In Summary: When looking over a possible Musang King durian, you’re looking for a green-yellow fruit with a long stem, a very visible tan five-pointed star on the bottom, pyramidal spikes without much space between them, and of course that brilliant yellow flesh.

How can you tell the difference between a black thorn and a durian?

Black Thorn Durian @ D200 Durian Black Thorn which is also known as Duri Hitam (Malay), Ochee (Chinese), and Hei Tze, Durian Black Thorn has a bright yellow and rosy orange hue, with its signature mark being its thick core and a reddish-brown line along the middle of the durian. Black Thorn’s flesh is thick and creamy.

Why is my durian bitter?

The XO durian is bitter with its famed alcohol taste – cultivated through an extended period of fermentation inside its shell. Its fruit is usually smaller and the husk is identified by its thin and brownish-green colour. Another point to look out for is its watery thick flesh.

Why is durian smelly?

Despite its pungent odor, durian is very popular in Southeast Asia. As the team of scientists has shown, the amino acid plays a key role in the formation of the characteristic durian odor. … The pulp of a ripe durian emits an unusually potent and very persistent smell that is reminiscent of rotten onions.

Which type of durian is sweet?

D88 Durians are often known for their firm and dry flesh that isn’t very pungent. It’s one of the milder types of durian breeds with a slightly sweet taste.

What is the best variety of durian?

Top 10 BEST Durians EVER!1 Kop White (D99) Larger durians can fall prematurely (due to its weight) and leave many strings and half-unripened rubbery bits in the shell. … 2 Sultan (D24) … 3 Red Prawn. … 4 Musang King. … 5 Musang Queen (D160) … 6 XO. … 7 Pearl Durian.Jul 10, 2018

How do you pick a sweet durian?

A good durian must have a strong aroma to it. Sniff near the stalk of the durian or along the rift lines. If there is a pleasant sweet smell, it means the durians are ripe. If the smell is very overwhelming, it may mean that the durians have over-ripen.

Which country has the best durian?

ThailandWhen ripe, the custard-like flesh inside can be sweet and creamy. However, the durian’s distinctive smell has made the fruit a polarising delicacy. Thailand and Malaysia are the top global producers and exporters of durian, with an annual production of 600,000 and 300,000 metric tonnes, respectively.

Is durian fruit illegal in the US?

Durian. What is it? A large, smelly fruit that looks like jack fruit or a green porcupine. Why it’s illegal: The fruit smells so pungeantly bad that many public places, such as hotels and bus stations, prohibit people from carrying it.

How do I pick a durian?

If the scent is fresh and reminiscent of green leaves, it is a sign that the durian flesh is sweet. If there is a slightly pungent smell, it could point to some bitterness in the flesh. If a durian does not emit a smell, it means that is unripe. If the aroma is too intense, it is a sign that the fruit is overripe.

Is D24 durian sweet?

The D24 durian is also known as Sultan Durian and is one of the well known durian species alongside Musang King. The flesh is golden yellowish in colour, creamy texture with a bittersweet taste—A Heavenly Combination! … The flesh is sweet, less fibrous, with large seeds and easier to eat.

How do you know if durian is ripe?

One of the easiest ways to tell if a durian is ripe is to hold it to your ear and shake it. The flesh of a ripened durian is soft, which allows the seeds to bang around inside the shell like a maracca filled with gak. If the seed is rattling around with no resistance, chances are the durian is overripe.

Is D13 durian good?

D13. Known as a ‘kampung’ breed, the D13 durian is another household favourite. With its bright orange flesh and sweet, fragrant taste, D13 is a delicious sticky treat for those who enjoy less pungent flavours.

What month is durian season?

Generally the main durian flowering season is from January to March. Sometimes there may be a short dry spell about June which may or may not give a second flowering season in July or August according to its intensity and locality. The main durian fruiting season is usually centered around June-July.